Hunedoara is famous for the Corvin castle, an architectural jewel that is engrained in Transylvania lore. It is said that both Dracula and his father were held captive in this castle. Coming up to the castle, sets for an impressive view as the castle stands alone on a rock with a dramatic fall down into the valley where the Ziasti river flows.

Getting to the castle

I went to Alba Julia from where I got a bus to Deva, at Deva, I changed to get another bus to Hunedoara and a taxi to the castle for a few Romanian Leu. On the way back I went to Deva and from there got a bus on to Sibiu in the evening.

Blog_gate   A Passage Through Time

Get there and watch as the cliffs fall away. It reminded me of Iron Maidens ‘The Longest Day’ as cliffs erupt in flames. When one is alone, imagination seems to be the only friend of the mind and soul.

Corvinus and his majestic castle so close to Deva brought the Indo-European feeling to rise within me. I stood there alone and wondered how much further can I go. It was rather rhetorical, I would go on and on till an endless expanse brings me to another land.

And words echoed in my mind, Go all the way or don’t even start. Bukowski gave more to me than any other and there was great wisdom in his words. I felt as if I discovered them through the understanding of life, travel and the ways I chose. It’s a choice to let them shackles fall away or let them tie you to the ground.

Valhalla awaits, it seems to Maiden, but all these words were merging through my mind and as I gazed over the bridge that bridged land to the castle over the cliff I was a picture of concentration, aiming to find something that wasn’t there, trying to manifest a certain magic from an enigma, giving weight to the ease and beauty of the day. All I landed up doing was to look at the walls of the castle, up to the towers and down to the valley, and smile.

Humanity never lost that feel for a spectacle and as long as it will not, there is still something to live for.



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