Pécs is a south-western Hungarian town. As I came in from Croatia, the train stopped at the border, at Gyekenyes, where I needed to change trains. I became friends with a Swiss man, Daniel, who was aiming to live in five different countries over five nights. Each person has their own crazy fantasies to make real. In that part of the world, it is possible.

At Gyekenes, one realises that Hungary is a country from another world, somehow straddled in the centre of Europe. Time seems to stand still in this fishing village. We found a bar close to the train station, had a couple of beers, talked about life and lost track of time. We caught the train as it was about to leave and from there it was a couple of hours on to Pécs. As is the custom in Hungary, soon afterwards we had a group of gipsies for company. They always seem to be so curious about everything, wishing to make it their own. We got to Pécs, checked into a hostel and walked out to see the city. Pecs is a classic one night city. There is a statue of Janos Hunyadi with a Turkish mosque built by Pasha Qasim in the backdrop, now a Catholic church. The walk down to the centre from the train station is lined with houses and trees. The main square lights up beautifully at night and all the main sites, are walking distance. The castle is small and has its walls intact. It is quaint and beautiful town. At night there are a couple of bars and restaurants lining the streets close to the main square.

Off the beaten track, A golden tip:-

Kaposmero – Lajos Kassai reinvented the art of mounted archery in the 20th century and the course he built is at Kaposmero. If you are fascinated by mounted archery, it is only an hour away from Pécs and visiting the site called, The Valley, could be an experience of a lifetime for you.




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