Every special dish regardless of its origin has a rich history that lay on the road of experimentation until perfection. These dishes have alway imbibed a special element of a culture, the abundance or lack of spices and a maverick idea behind their creation. At the end of it all a legendary dish was born, to live through the ages and become a symbol of the very culture that it was born in.

Whether it is the perfect flavour that comes from the lime in Ceviche (Peruvian fish), or the day long preparation of the perfect Ghormeh Sabzi (Persian lamb), to the incredible Si-Chuan Fish (Boiled fish in chilly oil) or Hanoi’s symbolic Bun Cha (Grilled pork in fish sauce with mint leaves by the side), the precision, care and love put into each of these dishes leads to them being in a class of their own.

Over the course of the blog, there will be numerous references to a long list of foods which I wish you would not miss a chance to taste in this lifetime. I wish they would enhance and enrich an experience of yours or would even turn into your own favourite food.

A taste of what is to come.