I am Gautam Gill and through this blog, I will take you to the parts of the world that have left an impression on me from chaotic metropolitans to villages that embody an atmosphere of the yesteryears.

I was born in Pune, India some 26 years and never had the chance of leaving India until 18. It was there that the journey began but all it was were the seeds being sowed for something far more enigmatic, relentless that still leaves me feeling that it has all been a dream, everything surreal. It is only by being blown away by beauty either in people, cities or nature, extreme challenges and an avalanche of emotions that I can testify to having travelled more than I had planned for an entire lifetime.

At 18, I went to study at UC Berkeley for a couple of months over the summer. There is seldom a place in this world that can be a source of inspiration, a midwife between the static state of desire without experience to be delivered on a path to experience. There at UC Berkeley, with the atmospheric and colourful street, the Telegraph, filled with an array of characters from all walks of life, where I understood the meaning of how cosmopolitan a place could be, where whether the talk is about revolution, business or physics that passion is unbridled, that I came to be. I knew from then on that there was the world out that that I must explore.

At 19 I went to Moscow to teach finance and economics in Russian schools. Alone, young, naive and filled with an excessive amount of self-confidence I undertook live in Moscow. To explain what I had imagined and what I ultimately experienced would take a book to write, but I turned to look at Moscow one final time on my way back to India, I smiled, and in my heart I knew this would be greatest of all the cities, the first city that I fell in love with and the city that can take credit for overseeing my transformation from boy to man.

I was less than six months shy of turning 22 when I decided to make a real change and it took me to leave India and move to Poland, to study at first and see what life would bring. Unconventional to say the least, but I still can’t imagine having lived any other way.

Over the next five years until today as I pen these words I have travelled to over 30 countries, have lived on four continents and visited over 500 towns, villages and cities in all. Through this blog, I will illustrate the paths I took and the places I reached.

Just before I leave for now I want to emphasise that I want this blog to be communicative, open and engaging. Please feel free to write to me anytime and ask me questions, share thoughts and suggestions. Then a forum could be an idea for the future.